British Locals - Davaar Football Stamps

Davaar Island is a small Scottish island that lies in the mouth of Campbeltown Loch off the east coast of the Kintyre peninsula. Davaar is now uninhabited except for the occasional visit by technicians to maintain the automated lighthouse though in the past there have been semi-permanent residents. Indeed during the 2001 census the population was recorded as 2 (two).

In 1994 in common with other British local postal services Davaar issued a football set to commemorate great moments in the history of the FA Cup. Two souvenir sheets and six stamps were issued and they are shown below for your viewing pleasure.

Stamps, or more correctly labels or cinderellas, for these stamps have no postal validity outside the island, have been issued under the Davaar name since the 1960's. These occasional private issues serve visitors to the island and would need to be carried to the nearest mainland Post Office in Campbeltown and then correct official postage affixed for carriage elsewhere within the UK and beyond.

FA Cup Finals of 1939 and 1992
FA Cup Final 1994 Manchester Utd winners
FA Cup Final 1987 Coventry City winners
FA Cup winners Black burn Rovers 1928 and Coventry City 1987

FA Cup winners Sunderland 1973 and Wimbledon 1988

British Pathe Presents The FA Cup Finals

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