1970 Mexico World Cup - Liberia

Liberia issued a nice 4-v set for the 1970 World Cup held in Mexico. Unsurprisingly Aztec inspired designs feature just like they did for stamps issued by other countries and of course they've all got that certain seventies feel to them especially the 35c value with it's jaunty sombrero.

The set was issued on 10th June 1970 a day which saw a number of group games being played. These being the USSR beating El Salvador 2-0, Uruguay losing 1-0 to Sweden, Brazil beating Romania 3-2 and West Germany recording a 3-1 win over Peru.

Liberia - 1970 World Cup
Liberia - 1970 World Cup issued 10/06/70. Offset Lithography

Liberia 1970 World Cup
Liberia - 1970 World Cup issued 10/06/70. Offset Lithography

Liberia 1970 World Cup
Liberia - 1970 World Cup issued 10/06/70. Offset Lithography

Liberia 1970 World Cup
Liberia - 1970 World Cup issued 10/06/70. Offset Lithography


Seven Gloriously Green Soccer Stamps

The modern English word green comes from the Middle English and Anglo-Saxon word grene, from the same Germanic root as the words "grass" and "grow". Many football clubs play in green and there's this great flickr group for supporters of green football teams with lots of great green football imagery.

Not surprisingly green features as a dominant colour in stamp design so I've had a quick look through my collection to bring you seven of the best all-green football stamps I can find. Here they are in no particular order. My two personal favourites are the Sudanese and Finnish stamps. Which do you like?.

Sudan 1960 Olympics Games. Issued 25/08/60. Offset Lithography

Italy 1934 World Cup. Issued 24/05/34. Photogravure

Albania 1959 National Spartakiad. Issued 20/11/59. Offset Lithography

Finland 1952 Olympics. Issued 15/02/52. Photogravure

Luxembourg 1968 Olympics. Issued 22/02/68. Photogravure

Soviet Union 1949 Sport in the USSR. Issued 07/08/49. Photogravure

Costa Rica 1946 CCCF Championship. Issued 13/05/46. Intaglio

Digitally Restored


Fabulous Football Stamps from Czechoslovakia

A few days back I posted up a couple of fabulous Czechoslovakian World Cup stamps. Well today we are back to 'czech-out' (sorry) more great football stamps issued by the former communist state.

We'll start with this beauty. One of six stamps issued for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. This is a true work of art as are the rest of the stamps in the set. I can gaze lovingly at this and it's five companions for hours.Simply stunning and captivating.

Czechoslovakia 1964 Tokyo Olympics. Issued 02/09/64. Intaglio

Another magnificent stamp. I love how the movement has been captured by the engraver. This stamp commemorates the 60th anniversary of football in Czechoslovakia and is one of a 7-value sporting events set. All as splendid and spellbinding as each other.

Czechoslovakia 1961 Sporting Events. Issued 10/02/61. Intaglio

This was the first ever football stamp issued by Czechoslovakia and it certainly set the bar. Part of a 4-value set issued to mark the 9th Sokol Congress. Sokol was a mass sports and physical culture movement that predated the communist state but which was appropriated by the state for propaganda purposes. The inscription on this stamps translates as - Sokol belongs to the Workers. Oh yeah, Freedom for Tooting!

Czechoslovakia 1951 Sokol Congress. Issued 21/06/51. Intaglio.


The Swiss Football Stamp with a Serendipitous Solothurn Postmark

This stamp featured in my previous post where I shared with you twelve socked on the nose football stamps and because of it's postmark is worthy of more attention. There's link between this stamp and the place where it was postmarked and that that link is the number eleven. Football is of course a game of 11 v 11 whilst the Swiss City of Solothurn has an affinity with the number eleven. So perhaps a Swiss football stamp with a Solothurn postmark is philatelic serendipity in action.

Switzerland 1970 75th Anniversary of the Swiss FA. Issued 17/09/1970. Photogravure

Solothurn is the capital of it's eponymously named canton and it has an almost holy relationship with the number eleven. The canton of Solothurn was the eleventh to join the Swiss Federation and within the city itself there are eleven churches, eleven towers, eleven historical fountains and a clock that only shows eleven hours. Solothurn Cathedral took eleven years to build, it's facade is eleven metres high as is it's tower. It has eleven altars, eleven bells and it's exterior staircase has levels consisting of eleven steps each.


Twelve Socked on the Nose Football Stamps

I've previously posted up a few socked on the nose (or bullseye) cancels including these beauties issued by Ghana for the 1966 World Cup. However you can never have enough of these lovely centred cancels so I thought I'd share a few more with you. Here's a full football philately team of twelve (including one sub) of socked on the nose football stamps.

The fast and fun memory game

This was the first football stamp issued by Luxembourg and was part of a 6-value sports set issued to commemorate the 1952 Helsinki Olympics. Here it has a Luxembourg City postmark dated November 1952.

Luxembourg 1952 Helsinki Olympics. Issued 20/08/1952. Photogravure.

One of, if not the most iconic football stamps the British 1966 World Cup stamp. Issued to commemorate the 1966 World Cup which was hosted and won by England. By the time this stamp received it's cancel in Dundee, Scotland on 8th August 1966 England had been World Champions for ten days.

Great Britain 1966 World Cup. Issued 01/06/1966. Photogravure
THis stamp was issued for the 75th anniversary of the The Swiss FA which was founded in 1895 as one of the first national FA's outside the United Kingdom. It was one of the founder members of FIFA in 1904 and UEFA in 1954. It is perhaps fitting that a stamp issued to commemorate a game played by teams of eleven is cancelled with a Solothurn postmark for Solothurn is a Swiss city that has an affinity to the number eleven.

Switzerland 1970 75th Anniversary of the Swiss FA. Issued 17/09/1970. Photogravure

Spain were hosts for the 1982 World Cup and issued ten different stamps World Cup stamps altogether. This one bears a Barcelona postmark, a city that used two of it's stadiums to host World Cup games. The Camp Nou hosted games including the opening game, watched by a crowd of nearly 122000 the other ground used was the now demolished Estadi de Sarria former home of Espanyol.

Spain 1982 World Cup. Issued 24/02/1982. Photogravure

The Danish Football Association (DBU) is the governing body of football in Denmark. Founded in 1889 this stamp was issued for it's centenary in 1989. Here it is cancelled with a Nordborg postmark. Nordborg is small town on Als which is a Danish island in the Baltic Sea.

Denmark 1989 Centenary of Danish FA. Issued 16/03/1989. Offset Lithography

Poste Italiane went football crazy when Italy were chosen to host the 1990 World Cup issuing a total of 37 different stamps. This shown in a block of four with a Rome postmark was the first of the 1990 World Cup stamps to be issued.

Italy 1990 World Cup. Issued 09/12/1989. Intaglio

In 1996 1. FC Kaiserlautern won the German Cup but were also relegated from the Bundesliga. They bounced straight back winning the 2.Bundesliga title in 1997 and the year after in 1998 won the Bundesliga. This crazy roller coaster journey is so far unique in German football. This stamp was issued to commemorate their title triumph and here it is socked on the nose with a Briefzentrum 89 postmark. A briefzentrum is a German mail processing centre and centre 89 is located in Neu-Ulm in Bavaria.

Germany 1998 FC Kaiserlautern Champions. Issued 10/09/1998. Offset Lithography

In 2000 the German FA, which with nearly seven million affiliated members, is the single largest sports federation in the World, celebrated it's centenary and they were honoured with this stamp. This one has an almost perfectly centred socked on the nose cancel produced at Briefzentrum 13 which is located in Hennigsdorf a small town just to the north of Berlin.

Germany 2000 Centenary of the German FA. Issued 13/01/2000. Photogravure

In 2002 Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy and Uruguay jointly issued two stamps to commemorate the 2002 World Cup in Korea & Japan. The stamps were issued as se-tenant pairs and here are the two German stamps separated into singles with sporting a socked on the nose the cancel. The top stamp much like the one above having a near perfect centred cancel.

Germany 2002 World Cup. Issued 02/05/2002. Offset Lithography

Germany 2002 World Cup. Issued 02/05/2002. Offset Lithography

Juventus were the 2005 Serie A champions and this stamp was issued to celebrate their success. The success though was short-lived for Juventus were stripped of the 2005 (and 2006) titles due to the 2006 Italian football scandal. The postmark places the stamp in Paolantonio which is a locality in the province of Teramo in the Abruzzo region.

Italy 2005 Juventus Champions. Issued 06/06/2005. Photogravure

Belgium failed to qualify for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa finishing fourth out of six in their qualifying group. The Belgians did though still issue a World Cup stamp and here it is with a lovely Brussels bullseye cancel.

Belgium 2010 World Cup. Issued 14/06/2010. Offset Lithography.